Transcending from the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, CA visionary artist Benedigital aka Ben Encarnacion flows with a deep spiritual guidance that continuously reveals itself to him, projecting visions of activated realities and divine connectivity. He has elevated into a mystical calling of Digital Shamanism which has visually and energetically bridged the gap between ancient wisdom and future ideologies. He channels powerful visions that transform into mirrors of our own expansion as a collective consciousness, to help raise the state of our global vibration. His mission is to share reminders of the light we hold within that enhance and elevate our reality and celebrate the existential power we each hold as infinite creators.

His otherworldly digital vision quest is a fusion of cosmic consciousness, mystical experiences and ancient revelations. Channeling his groundbreaking experiences by remixing painting and digital graphics. Embracing these practices, ideals and energy, Benedigital’s work is becoming a vital component in the global visionary arts movement and live painting community.